Guest House Zavala is located in village Zavala in Bosnia and Herzegovina, only 300 meters from Vjetrenica, the largest and most important cave in Bosnia and Herzegovina and one of the most important caves in the Dinaric Alps mountain range. Vjetrenica is part of the UNESCO natural heritage and it is famous worldwide for its artistic and speleological riches.

Guest House Zavala is located in a newly restored Train Station. The Train Station was built in 1903 as part of a narrow railway system which connected Dubrovnik with the European railway system. The Train Station was terminated 40 years ago. Today, Zavala is accessible by car. Following a colourful and lively landscape, Guest House Zavala is less than 60 km drive from Dubrovnik.

Enjoy a relaxing ambient of Guest House Zavala with the views of green and lush Popovo fields and snowy white sheep that graze on it. Traditionally prepared dishes with ingredients from local farms are a delight for every taste.

House specialities include:

- Homemade fritters with kajmak cheese spread
- Organic goat meet under the roasting bell
- Homemade desserts with baklava as a specialty
- Along with the home made dishes made from organic ingredients
A must try are local wines and rakija – grappa!

Spend enjoyable time in nature, walking or riding bicycles which you can get as a special offer.

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