Villa Ankora, decided to start renting apartments with his family.

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Mr. Ivica Šurković, owner of Villa Ankora, decided to start renting apartments with his family.

"Our family has never, until May 2015., had any renting space so we had no prior renting experience."
 Your renting space is your product which you offer and sell on the market and the goal is to have a quality product. The first thought is “good location automatically means a good product” , but from our experience that is not true. The ‘quality’ of your location is tied with the number of requests, but it is not connected with the number of reservations. To have a quality product, it is necessary to invest in it. The investment might be small, like buying new household elements or they could be big, like building a parking place for your future guests. After redesigning your renting space, you officially have a product.

“ ...during the construction of our house, we prepared for renting, we went through all the good and the bad renting reviews on numerous websites in order to prepare our offer to the needs of travelers. We had no idea what is up ahead, what will be the first reactions, will we meet the needs of our guests!”

It is necessary to introduce your product to potential buyers. Booking agencies and tourist blogs are able to bring your product to buyers and thus increase the visibility of your service. Now you are ready to rent, you have certain expectations, but also a minimum number of reservations needed to breakeven.

“Even though we thought that we will do well, we were not sure. People who have been renting for years told us that we are new on the market and that we have no reviews. I have to admit that a certain amount of fear was present.”

If you choose the right partner you can eliminate ‘fear’ and ensure a high number of reservations. With your and our best interest in mind, Direct Booker works closely with it’s renters and provides guidance throughout the renting process.

“Our first thought was that Direct Booker is necessary for a number of reasons. First of, their experience. Those are people who are familiar with the market. Direct Booker gives you the right advice in the right time. “

Mr. Šurković knows that a good product means a lot more than good visibility on the market. To have a good product, a renter must anticipate and meet the needs of his guests.

“Excellent reception, kindness, a helping hand and constant support. Advice and knowledge about local activities, these are all just a part of the renting experience. “

To have a good product, one needs to maintain it. One needs to invest a lot of time to transform someone's vacation into an unforgettable experience. Communication is the key to success, renters must dedicate themselves to their guests and help them in every way possible.

“A renter needs to respect his guests, those are people who worked hard to earn enough and go for a holiday. This means that for a few days that they are staying in your apartment, they want their stay to be the time of their life”.

It is a common misunderstanding that “renters have it easy”. A renter is a self employed person who depends on the success of his business. Those are people whose workday does not come in eight hour shifts, their working hours start from the day when they introduce their product to buyers, to the day when they remove their product from the market. Direct Booker ensures a steady flow of guests while Mr. Šurković and his family ensure a high quality service for their guests.  

“The whole family is involved, everyone is working. Our first guests arrived on the 3th of May, that’s when it all started, we are truly satisfied. We are full for New Year, throughout November and December our occupancy was almost 50%!

Direct Booker takes most from the market, which is great for us and Direct Booker, not to mention the vast amount of communication that they do for which we would have no time for. Our experience through the year is that we are thrilled with Direct Booker and we will continue to work with them as long as there is room for us on this market. When you pay for something (like we do for Direct Booker services), you want to see the return on your investment. We feel like we got a lot more than what we paid for. We will continue our partnership with Direct Booker because, as we already said, it is a ‘win-win’ situation. “

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