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If you have never rented, but you have a place available for renting, or if you are already in this business and you think you could achieve better results, become a part of Direct Booker community. In this blog post you can read interesting interview with Mr. Nikola Šubat, the owner of the Guest House Terramaris in Split, which is one of the top selling apartments in that area. In order to draw the attention and attract good guests it is necessary to constantly improve your service and your knowledge related to apartment renting. Establishing this practice of constant progress in your business assures your placement among the succesful businesses in the hospitality world. Renters need to know how succesful season is not happening by accident. One should always think upfront and take into consideration a lot of factors. Each factor carries equal importance. First of all accommodation units ( rooms, studio apartment, apartment, guest house, etc.) should be neat and tidy and should have appealing interior. It is not important if the interior is of the latest fashion or if it's rustic, but it needs to have that feeling of warmth and should be practical. After that it is important that the apartments are supplied with everyday appliances, for example a kettle, etc. Today it is of utmost importance for accommodation units to have Wi – Fi. Satelite Tv or Cabel Tv are becoming less relevant than Wi-Fi. The accommodation needs to be advertised in a timely manner with relevant advertisers and with representative pictures. Guests need to know where they are coming to so the pictures and texts are representing the real and authentic condition and location of the unit. Key to success is communication with guests, kindness and courtesy. In order to make your guests stay memorable and pleasant you need to invest time into planning and organizing. Mr. Šubata says the following: 'Lastly when guests arrive you need to represent yourself as kind and serviceable host who is there if anything is needed. Guests are very happy when they are not perceived as cash income by the host but as people who wish to experience something new and authentic in our region. That's where we play the main role. Renters must be able in adapting themselves to different characters of guests, they need to see what their wishes and interests are, and help them so they can experience our effort during their stay. For example some like to see as much as possible in shortest amount of time, some are wine lovers, some like to have recommendation on nice beaches or on different sports. Then there are those who like to stroll or eat good. However, what most of them have in commom is that they find it interesting to listen stories about their host and about the life in our country, the way we perceive it.' Guest House Terramaris has great results in their business, contributing to these results are for sure personalized service and guest approach of the host. We think how these traits are something that every good renter needs to work on. 'I gladly take my guests out for a drink, dessert, sometimes I even take them to lunch or dinner, talk to them and take a walk with them. When they sense that this is something I do for joy, and not because I have to, they are very impressed and always say about them coming back again or having us recommend to their friends. This leads to positive online commentary and high grades, which contributes then again in bringing in new guests. We were curious in finding out how far was Mr. Šubat ready to go in pleasing his guests wishes and demands. I gladly fulfill my guests wishes,those that I can. A lot of them comes here for a honeymoon. It was very endearing once, when I had a guest who asked me to prepare a room upfront for his girlfriend, soon to be wife. He wished for the rose pettals to be scattered around the room and I also lit great amount of candles at different corners of the room. The ambiance was extremly romantic upon their arrival for which the guest was very grateful. Renters should never forget how the path towards being a succesful renter demands hours of effort and investment, and how important it is not to disappoint their guest. In choosing qualitative and specialized partners, success is guaranted! With Direct Booker I am overpleased. We work in the way of not having pressure from their side but maximum support for 24/7. Support in marketing, in price making, and so on. The effort for making the business enjoyable and succesful for both parties is very visible. Luči Dragun who is my account manager is always available and ready to answer all the questions I might have ( different ways of payment, time of arrival, suggestion for some actions and similar). I appreciate this kind of support very much and I have to admit that this was not expected when I was starting my cooperation with Direct Booker agency.' The advice of Mr. Šubat for other renters is: 'Make your rooms and apartments crisp clean, have a heartly welcome for your guests, adjust to their needs and offer them something authentic.'

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