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After a whole day of sightseeing and strolling around breathtaking Dubrovnik streets, there's nothing better than treating yourself with a good meal and delicious dessert. Mediterranean cuisine is known for exotic and delicious desserts, and some of them are part of Dubrovnik everyday life since the medieval times Basically, all of them are simple to make, so you can try it at home. ROZATA Maybe the most popular traditional dessert in whole Dalmatia. Don't make a mistake and call it Creme brulle ( although it's quite similar), beacuse every Dubrovnik native will tell you that this is authentic delicacy. And it is really true. The recipe has been passed down for generations and its originality has been successfully preserved. It is very easy to make: you probably have all the basic ingredients in your refrigirator right now: Milk, sugar, eggs, and lemon. It is served cold, making it perfect dessert for hot summer days. You can find it in many Dubrovnik restaurants, like Dubravka 1836 or Lajk. CAROB CAKE You probably know that feeling when you really want to try something sweet, but then you remember you're on diet and you gave up chocolate... Well, older generations of Dubrovnik people came up with some healthy, gluten-free dessert options. It looks like chocolate, it tastes like some sort of spicy chocolate, but it's carob, widely spreaded Mediterranean plant. You can try it at Klarisa and Stara Loza. STON MACARONI CAKE You definitely didn't see a dessert like this before. Maybe it's not the most beautiful pastry in the world, but no one has ever visited Peljesac peninsula and forgot the delicious taste of this unusual dessert. This cake is a regular on dining tables in Ston, and the whole Peljesac, whenever there is a celebration. Centuries ago, they used pasta for the filling to economize on ingredients, but today it is one of the most recognized Croatian specialties in the world. You can try it in the restaurant Sorgo. And if you find yourself in Ston, don't forget to try the oysters too! ARANCINI (CANDIED ORANGE PEEL) After you try this, you'll think twice every time you're about to toss the orange peel. This sweet Dalmatian treat is often served with tea or with other sweets, like sugared almonds, to enhance their taste. The other version with lemon peel is called Limuncini. If you want to make these ancient sweets at home, cut the peels into long strips, soak in water for several days, cook them, sugar it, and dry it for a few days. Just make sure the fruit is organic!

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