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One of the most extraordinary and most beautiful love legends from our shores is "The Story of Mary from Lopud". A Dubrovnik nobleman sent his ailing, only son to Lopud in order to recover. Staying at his estate on Lopud, the young nobleman met Mary, a poor commoner. The youngsters fell in love. When the nobleman's father learnt about it, he decided to stop it in time, because Dubrovnik nobleman were not allowed to marry commoners. Thereupon, he asked the Benedictines from the nearby island of St. Andrew to take care of his son. Before the young man left the island, the young couple agreed that they would continue to meet in spite of everything. Whenever he was free, he would light a fire by the sea and Mary would swim to him. However, the girl's brothers soon found out about the forbidden romance, so they interfered in order to preserve the family honor. One evening they decided to light a fire on their boat and sail out into the open sea. Their sister, having seen the fire and thinking that it had been lit by her beloved, swam further and further following the fire, until she became feeble and finally drowned. In the morning, the girl's lifeless body was washed ashore on the island of St. Andrew. When the young nobleman saw what happened to Mary, he took holy orders and remained forever on that island. When you sail the Koločep Channel, look upon Lopud and the island of St. Andrew and remember our lovers.

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