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This blog post brings you yet another interesting story on successful renting of private accommodation. Apartments Sunny Garden in Brodarica are the most selling private accommodation in Šibenik area. The owner Ante Pralija considers that the key of success rests in hands of satisfied guests who are then responsible for bringing more new guests. However with today´s trends and ever more growing demands this is not always easy to achieve. ˝We are always trying to keep our accommodation neat and clean, and to help our guests to have as much relaxing vacation as possible. We always surprise our guests with small tokens of attention. Everything is ready and prepared for this summer as in small surprises we have for our guests.˝ Taking into consideration prior seasons successes the expectations for the new one are naturally higher. There are many reasons to keep the optimism high: ˝A lot is invested into our apartments and the property in general, but the fact of having a beautiful beach constructed nearby will affect greatly the number of visitors this season. City of Šibenik is constantly evolving and just with that expectations are higher for the year 2017.˝ Mr. Pralija relates how working with Direct Booker is one of the key factors of having high sales of Sunny Garden apartments. ˝We are not planning on changing our advertisement method since we are very well promoted and our accommodation can be found on all major booking web sites. Since we already have a lot to take care of, we don´t have time or expertise to analyze and explore the market, or to create methods to meet supply and demand. That´s what professionals are for, like Direct Booker, which is looked upon as our extended hand online.˝ Of course their guest approach is not a subject to change, because of their scores that are constantly keeping the average of 9,5 grade. Still they are planning on creating their own web site in the near future. ˝There is always room for improvement˝, says Mr. Pralija, ˝especially when considering post season occupancy even though a lot depends on the destination itself.˝ At the end we have asked Mr. Pralija for the advice he would give to other renters: ˝Adjust to your guests and meet their needs as much as you can. Make them feel at home and of course let Direct Booker agency to handle your advertisement and booking of your apartments because they know the best.˝

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