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Those times have come when everything goes back to the basics. When we start to have more appreciation and become more grateful for what we have right here in front of us. We don´t look further from our borders, we start to see the exotic in our own courtyard. It took years to reverse the fast food movement to slow food showstopper. And that´s what Restaurant Marianno stands for, for a long standing ovation given after every showstopper performance. Wild caught fish, foraged herbs, local olive oil used, give an ode to Dubrovnik gastronomy. Dishes that are common in family home kitchens that many restaurants omit from their repertoire, thinking they are not interesting, are represented here. With a dash of courage and a touch of creativity all dishes prepared are given that ultimate refinement. Clean, vibrant colours dominate the interior. The extensive wine list is visible not only on the wine list, but also throughout the restaurant, with wall and ceiling decorated with wine bottles. The whole restaurant is infused with natural light owing to from floor to ceiling windows. While dining, your view will extend either outdoors or to the open area kitchen, buffered with glass protecting you from noise, but leaving no secrets behind. Since Republic days, Dubrovnik cuisine was specific and original due to its maritime business. Making rare spices available to its residents since early times, the fusion between eastern and western cuisine is evident still today. This is recognized by one of Croatian finest and most renowned chefs Dino Galvagno, who conceptualized Mariannos cuisine and created their menu. Tasting tradition in every bite and making you familiar with the values of Dubrovnik gastronomy is something you will experience in a place like this. Restaurant service here is impeccable and you are given the utmost attention without being pestered. Warm welcome, attention to details or wine decanting will leave you feeling spoiled, but without pretentious intentions. On the contrary, genuine care and honest approach are principels of professional service in Marianno. To truly experience Dubrovnik´s traditonal dishes, Direct Booker recommends the following; marinated hake with pickled onions and vinegar on a roquette salad with pomegranate syrup. Roquette salad and pomegranate trees decorate all Dubrovnik gardens. Menestra with kastradina dish is a staple of Dubrovnik home kitchens, especially in winter time and inevitable on a Christmas day table. Also on holidays, particularly on Good Friday, day before Easter, dish called ˝popara˝ is enjoyed in Dubrovnik homes, definitely try this fish staple dish. Vegetables and herbs characteristic of this area are swiss chard, wild chicory, all sorts of cabbage, dandelion, wild asparagus, and may more, don´t miss on garnishing and salads part of the menu. When visiting Dubrovnik make sure you do not miss this restaurant, and don´t be afraid of making your wallet thinner, because the value for money here is indisputable.

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