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Direct Booker agency is the leading online agency for private accommodation in Dalmatian region. With our management services, 1 500 apartment owners now rents 3 300 units, with 50 000 reservations going through our system, resulting in 150 000 satisfied guests. Antonio Aletić, agencies account manager is one of the young, highly educated employees who manages reservations and the organization of the accommodation in all types of units, from high end luxury apartments and villas to studio apartments and rooms. -The account manager is in daily contact with apartment owners, he has an overall survey of the objects he manages, and is always present and ready to help at any time of the day. The account manager is the one who makes the difference in this type of work because he knows the market, its laws and regulations. Renters or owners are not representing the number only because each of them is different and requires a different, personalized approach which is the biggest challenge of this job. Safety and confidence in communication are the advantage points for the account manager. It is highly important for the owners to trust their account managers, to listen to them and the market, since they have all the important information on selling prices. The power of the Direct Booker informations department is in that, that through their computer system everything is processed automatically, which brings the business to higher level. What do owners get with working with Direct Booker? -To every owner we signify time and organization, we open up new possibilities and probably bigger income from the one they would make on their own. They work less, and make more money. This is something that has proved through our business practice, therefore our slogan is 'You rest, while we bring you guests'. A lot of owners have their full time jobs, which makes it hard for them to have full atttention in apartment renting, that is where we step in, with our technological advantage and developed business plan where we keep up with the market prices and we pull out the maximum out of the accommodation unit. The best kind of reccomendation is the unit number growth of the apartments we manage. April alone we have signed 102 new accommodation objects which proves our quality in this field of business. Our reservations and marketing departement are standing at our owners disposal 365 days a year. Besides this we leave them with full liberty of opening and closing dates, advertising, with no exclusivity or contract binding. It is important to point out the transparency of the business conduct, because the owner has the oversight of the program same as we do. They have a complete reservation overview, cash flow, web sites used for booking, name of the guest, to summarize they have the overview of every detail. The concept of Direct Booker Community started last year. What are the advantages of Community? -Direct Booker Community offers numerous advantages for all users. The idea of the Community was brought up to offer something more to the guests going through our system, and also for our owners, to have better deals of what´s out on the market, because they are a part of our Community. Our parners are restaurants, excursion organisators, local guides, beauty centres, and they all provide some kind of special offer or discount for our users, through Direct Booker mobile app and our tourist catalog. In this way, a unique community where everyone wins is created. If you are interested in working with our succesful team, you can get neccesary information at, or call 020/ 638 – 194.

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