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You have your accommodation all taken care of, you have arranged transfer from the airport to your apartment or villa, and you are probably asking yourself what to do once you are here? Let us be your personal guide and cover this for you! We have searched, tasted, scouted, spyed, all in order to give you the best pointers compiled into one little booklet. This booklet can serve as your tour guide, but it doesn´t end there, the guidance is complete with our Direct Booker mobile app which is connected with a booklet. How, you might be asking? Because every activity you find inside the booklet has some kind of advantage that is to be used by you. All you need to do is scan the QR code of the activity through our mobile app and you get to enjoy various benefits, such as free drinks, free desserts, discounts on excursions, tours and shows. Now you´re saying, - why not? How do you get the booklet and mobile app? Easy! Our Direct Booker catalogues or booklets are positioned in all of our accommodation units, whether you´re in the apartment, villa or room, you should find your guide patiently waiting for you there. But not to despair if one is not waiting for you there, every tourist information office is supplied too with our little guides. Direct Booker mobile app is ready to download for free for your iOS and Android smart phones. We all know how easy this is, one two three, and you get your special deal in order of minutes. Just scan the code from the booklet, claim your benefit to the restaurant staff for example and enjoy. Inside the booklet you have all the important information as emergency numbers, free city map, and very important, couple of Croatian phrases that will help you open the door of communication. Throughout the booklet we have some interesting stories from the past we have shared with you along with some facts you should know.

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