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What are it's characteristics? Was the old Dubrovnik menu monotonous, as it may at first be concluded? The Dubrovnik cuisine has always been original and specific, and has contained Mediterranean colours. When we look back in history, to the time of the Dubrovnik Republic we can see how the wise men led Dubrovnik and devoted full attention to all aspects of life and work, especially the enjoyment of food. 

The state authority took care to provide the necessary and sufficient food for all citizens. Grains were purchased and brought from different countries (Italy, Sicily, Albania, Greece, Egypt, France). Dubrovnik land was rife with vineyards and it's citizens caught fish which they sold outside the state borders. They also exported wine, brandy and olive oil. Dubrovnik's main market at the time, was next to the Orlando's Column, local fruits, vegetables, flowers, milk and cheese were sold.

It is interesting that the city authorities in 1324 banned the purchase of asparagus, chicken and eggs outside the city walls. Also, in 1331 the government had prohibited the sale of apples and pears that were not ripe.

Classic lunch in Dubrovnik consisted of boiled green cabbage with olive oil, also “granariza” and noodles with olive oil, a large piece of boiled or roastef beef, and finally fruit or cheese. For special celebrations, such as weddings, they served the capons, partridges and bucks. The most famous Dubrovnik dishes were salted beef tongue with caviar, cold cauliflower with eggs, sour concocted milk, jam quince, "kotonjata", "mantala", melon with sugar, marzipan cake and "linguados".

G. B. Shaw, the famous English writer, often wrote that there is no sincerer love than the love of food and drink, as Dubrovnik kitchen fully confirms this. 

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