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One of the Direct Booker´s account managers par excellance is a 32 year old Đivo Bovolini. Đivo is holding 332 accommodation units under his belt, making his business scope a huge field of different responsibilities. But this Economy graduate is holding everything under control with his dedicated work ethics and always high spirited nature. With no previous experience in this field of business, Đivo has showed more than capability by becoming an account manager in three years, the time period of his employment in the company. Entering the unknown area of business made him just more curious and made this job interesting and all more challenging. We talked to Đivo who explained what is it that differentiates Direct Booker from other agencies and also got some advice on what a renter should do in order to become a part of the Direct Booker and just stay competative on the market. What made your decision to work for Direct Booker? When I talked with Nikola and Nino I saw the potential of the company but also of myself in that company. Just the fact that I was promoted to a higher position in just three years speaks enough of possibilities inside this company. I can say I was definitely not mistaken by taking this job. How many owners handed their apartments to Direct Booker´s hands? For now we have almost 2 000 families, with over 4 000 units, and this year we expect a record of 100 000 reservations. Can you explain what steps are necessary to take in order for the apartment to be on your site? Before we start anything a renter needs to have a categorization resolution, that is the first step, then we can plan further. We arrange the meeting with the renter where we explain our business model. When the cooperation is settled Direct Booker takes all the necessary information on accommodation in order to make an online profile. There is no online profile or presence without good photographs, in case the owners don´t have photos or the existing ones are of no good quality we offer those services too. What do you accentuate the most when presenting your company to a potential client? Our business model is emphasized the most because it supports our renters and their needs with the indispensable human touch given by the person who is taking care of the sales. Also, we stand at service all the time to our renters with whom we maintain daily communication. Renters don´t just represent numbers they become a part of the Direct Booker family. What is it that makes you stand apart from other rental agencies? Our distinctiveness is before all in personalized approach we have with every renter. We have designated person who follows sales of a particular object and who consults renters on what to do in every moment. We have global presence and the customer service available at all times, marketing team who is working on promoting our accommodation units, and lastly our renters keep their full freedom, meaning they have full autonomy with no contract restrictions. What do you think the most important thing is, a renter should do in order to stay highly ranked online? Constant growth of apartments on the market requires vigilance or ˝listening the market˝. The best advice I can give is just listen to Direct Booker. Do you encounter problems in your work? There´s no job without problems. Here at Direct Booker we call them challenges and we solve all kinds of challenges on daily basis.

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