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We present Mr. Ivan Raguž, the owner of the Guest House Raguž, which is one of the top selling accommodations in Dubrovnik. Since Mr. Raguž is in renting business for 40 years now, we have asked him what were the beginnings like. ˝My brother was working for the hotel Petka as a receptionist. When the hotel was in overbooking and they had no where else to accommodate guests, they would ask me to receive guests in my house. And that is how it all started.˝ Apartment rental is today´s main income for the family Raguž.

˝We try to give a heartfelt welcome to our guests, for example we offer them refreshments at the check in, such as coffee or juice and provide them with the most basic and important information. We want them to feel at home, just as we would like to feel if we were staying at someone´s apartment.˝ Mr. Raguž points out how the first impression is the most important impression for the guests; the first impression is hardly erasable from the guests memory. ˝I greet my guests with a smile and give them a warm welcome. Their fridge in the rooms is always stocked up with cold water and juice,which are more then welcomed in the scorching hot summer days. This doesn´t cost me much, but it means a lot to the guests giving them satisfaction, which is reflected later, on the comments and ratings and further higher occupancy.˝ The key to success is a communication with guests, being courteous and kind. Time investment is imperative in order to make your guests vacation memorable.

Mr. Raguž says: ˝In order to have happy and satisfied guests you need to accommodate them as much as possible, because when they leave happy, it pays back a hundred times more. It is the grandest praise one can get.˝ Over the years and years of renting there were all kinds of anecdotes, remembers Mr. Ivan, there were good and bad ones, like the one where he drove an ailing guest to the hospital for which he still receives thank you notes for that gesture. These are the things one never forgets.

One of the biggest advantages for the Guest House Raguž is a wonderful terrace bountiful with all kinds of plants and flowers representing a small oasis and a perfect spot for relaxation in hot summer days. Partnership with Direct Booker started seven years ago, from the moment the agency started its venture, Mr. Raguž is full of praise for the cooperation he has with the agency. He is satisfied with the occupancy and he is trying to be flexible with the prices, the most frequent guests are those from England, with whom he is very pleased. ˝I am very satisfied with my partnership with Direct Booker. Nikola has led me from the day one and somehow I feel most connected with him and I fully trust him. Now the management of my apartments is in hands of Nur, the account manager who is excellent with his always worthy advices and recommendations.˝ Direct Booker is always ready to help you, they are available and at service in every moment. They bring you guests with credibility and they take low commission. All the correspondence with guests is done on their side leaving more time to attend the apartments. What more could you wish for? It is important to keep track and follow the trends and make yearly repairs and updates with your accommodation.

The road to successful renting business requires effort and big investments. The success is not guaranteed but with selecting a qualitative partner the chances are much higher.

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