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If you want to get away from the snow and fog filled European cities, winter in Dubrovnik is full of clear blue skies and sunny days. It is the best time to visit! Winter is a time filled with cultural, folklore and localy organized events. Best of all, it is all yours! The summer crowds disapear and Dubrovnik is all yours. Dubrovnik for yourself If you're the kind of traveler who wants an authentic experience, the atmosphere of local life and the feel of real intimacy, winter in Dubrovnik is perfect for you! All the city's attractions and cultural heritage is open for business all year long and you will be able to enjoy a more private look at all of them. Imagine walking the city walls and being one of the few to witness their beauty in private, or visiting the Pharmacy of The Franciscan Monastery and having a one on one time with a pharmacist in one of the oldest Pharmacies in the world, functioning ever since 1317. Dubrovnik Winter Festival Lasts from November 19 2016 to March 1 2017. In the past two years Dubrovnik has put a lot of effort in creating an unforgettable winter experience for locals and tourists alike. The Dubrovnik Winter Festival turns the old city core into a fairy tale land. The city walls shine with decorated lights, the main street Stradun gets snowy (artificial) and the town is filled with Christmas characters. Authentic food and drink stands are brought to Stradun and are filled with locally cooked food and delicacies. This fairytale land is accompanied with live music every weekend and great company. Festival of St Blaise Lasts from February 1-9 2017 Every February since 972 the city stops for a few days to celebrate the patron saint of Dubrovnik, St Blaise. In 2009 it was recognized and enlisted as part of intangible world heritage. Now a part of UNESCO, the festival has not changed for 1045 years. It consists of Catholic ceremonies, a procession through the city streets and numerous events born out of religious and festive traditions. It is the Day of Dubrovnik City with a great meaning and appeal among people of ages and cultures. The day of St Blaise has a special place in the heart of all Dubrovnik's citizens and quickly finds its place in the hearts of all those who witness it. Great deals for everyone Winter in Dubrovnik is a time of discounts for everyone. The hotels and apartments offer lower prices, the taxi services give cheaper starting fees and during the Dubrovnik Winter Festival the buses are free for all after 5 PM. Everything is set up to invite people to enjoy in a good company in one of the oldest fairytale lands.

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