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Dubrovnik is more than art, Dubrovnik itself is an artist. A storyteller of drama and comedy. Producer of shows played out on a stage of stone, surrounded by walls, towers, castles and followed by an orchestra that has been playing the same song since its creation, the song of Liberty. In the last 100 years the city has been a stage to a new show, a show of Tourism. Following is a summary of a show called Tourism. 1) The Set Up : Winter in Dubrovnik If there was one word to describe winter in Dubrovnik it would be Bura. Bura is a violent northern wind that finds holes in clothing and cracks in windows, it dries the skin and chills the body. However, it guarantees a clear sky and a view of the Milky Way. Dubrovnik is at rest, caught in a dream the city and its residents take time for themselves. This is a quiet time, a time to reflect on the summer and learn from it. 2) The Response: Spring in Dubrovnik Amazing colours of the spring combined with fresh winter air invite the audience (tourists) to get a preview of the show that is about to start. The demand for tickets is high and the stage is being build. The city is wide awake and everyone is rushing around preparing new ways to delight the city's audience. Spring is marked with new ideas, lot of work and a helping hand. 3) The Attack: Summer in Dubrovnik This is it, the main event is here. The show is sold out and extra seats are needed. For the actors, the hosts of numerous services offered, it is a ''make it or brake it moment''. On the other side the audience is about to witness a never seen spectacle, the main event of Tourism, Summer in Dubrovnik. Pristine waters, a never ending row of sunny days, hidden bays and romantic sunsets all presented on a silver platter and available to all. Summer in Dubrovnik captures the mind, ignites the imagination and fills the heart with warmth. 4) The Resolution: Fall in Dubrovnik An overwhelming feeling of relaxation and joy takes over as the audience is presented with an encore of the Summer in Dubrovnik. A new colour palette takes over the stage, red, orange and purple are dominant. This is the time to explore, a time to find the well hidden details in the show. A time for everyone to leave their mark on the city that combines past with the present. From a stage of stone, surrounded by walls, towers and castles we hope you will enjoy the show. You can find your ticket at !

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