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Content on this page are also proprietary PARTNER TRAVEL. Facilities that are not owned are used with the permission of their author/owner, and shall at the request of the author / owner will be withdrawn from the promotional material.

All the accommodation we offer and presented on our website and other promotional materials are described according to the official categorization of the authorized tourist institutions and the insight of the accommodation made by a representative of our agency. PARTNER TRAVEL guarantees the authenticity of image data and records from your program offers and the conditions under which each service offers.

Certain facilities that are not part of the intermediary services of PARTNER TRAVEL on the page are solely as advertising material in which the company does not mediate PARTNER TRAVEL and all information and contacts under the control and responsibility of the owner service.

Page voluntarily transmits the data received from business partners, or owners of tourist services, the seller (lessee ads) and for the same material bears no criminal responsibility even if the information is not accurate, or are illegal or in any way against the law.

The owner of the site is fully disclaims any responsibility if you use a domain www.direct-booker.com (and its associated sub-domains), and printed catalogs caused any damage to and/or third party in connection with the use or misuse of facilities within promotional material agencies.

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This site is intended for personal and noncommercial use. It is not permitted to modify, copy, distribute, display, publish or otherwise transfer or sell any information, service or product, especially photographs and any other materials published on this site without the express consent of its owner or seller.

The accuracy and veracity of data pages

PARTNER TRAVEL partners are obliged to take all reasonable measures in terms of providing accurate and quality information, and is not responsible if incorrect information from business partners about their services featured in promotional materials.

Business Partner, or a particular service provider on the page is the owner or authorized representative of the owner advertised property/tourism services, and as such it possesses all the necessary documentation for doing his job.

Business Partner, or a particular service provider on the site must crawl accurate and truthful information about their services and guarantees for their safety, quality and legality. Any changes shall promptly inform the site owner.

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If the service is located on the page as advertising material is not paid fees or advertising material opposes the law and if we estimate that the damage caused to third parties in any way we reserve the right to remove same from the site without further explanation and without any obligation towards the same.

In the event that the user pages of advertising violates the General Conditions and Privacy Policy, and in any way damaging the site owner or other advertisers, we reserve the right to remove same from the site without further explanation and without any liability towards the same. We can also claim compensation for the damage and financial loss.


Service rates are in EURO and are equal to the amount in EUR HRK exchange rate on the day of booking confirmation. The Agency reserves the right to change published prices. Passengers who have paid an advance for their reservation, the agency guarantees that the price is agreed upon.

If the accommodation reaches more people than stated in the document (voucher), the service provider has the right to refuse service to passengers or unannounced accept all the additional charges on passengers unannounced spot. In this case the site does not accept any complaints on the quality of guests booked accommodation or services.

The price includes all the services and equipment, electricity and water. Additional services are specified and subsequently charged. The price includes (unless otherwise noted) and taxes. According to the Law on the local tax, customers are required to pay the local Tax when paying for their accommodation. Resort fee prescribed by the Law on the Local tax is 7.00 HRK (€ 1.00) per person per day for adults. The age of 12 to 18 birthday with a 50% discount on that amount, while children up to 12 exempt from paying.

Booking and Payment Service

All bookings are achieved electronically by filling in the form available at www.direct-booker.com, or in the office of Partner Travel. When properly made reservations, the customer confirms that he is familiar with these General Terms and Conditions, and that he fully accepts. Thus, everything stated in the agreement becomes legally binding for the customer and the PARTNER TRAVEL agency. The customer is obligated to provide truthful information from them when booking and the authenticity of the same PARTNER TRAVEL assumes no responsibility.

When booking is required on the invoice to pay 25% of the total booking amount. The rest of the book is paid to the owner of accommodation upon arrival. To book tours, tickets and other activities should be based on the invoice to pay 100% of the reservation.

After receiving confirmation of payment of the agreed amount or the completed form and signed authorization card booking is confirmed. Then PARTNER TRAVEL shall issue a certificate of reservation services (account) and a voucher with the booking details by e-mail.

In the event of cancellation by the customer the amount paid is non-refundable deposit. Advance to be paid as a guarantee of your use of the means chosen service. For any possible changes the Guest is required to contact the agency.

PARTNER TRAVEL commits each selected service from this website to provide information to guests and conditions published on the official web site and in accordance with the description of the period and confirmed reservations. If the circumstances that can not be predicted, avoided or rectified PARTNER TRAVEL reserves the right to change or cancellation of booked services.

Partner Travel is obligated to repay any advances received for unrealized bookings that are made in error pages or a service provider with which the site has a valid contract. Also Partner Travel is obliged in case of double occupancy accommodation by the guest booked through our site to ensure guests an equal or better accommodations at the same or similar location on the same or better price with nearly the same characteristics.

Changing these conditions and other terms of business

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions of advertising and other business conditions without prior notice, in order to increase quality website www.direct-booker.com

For all information regarding these terms and conditions contact via email

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